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Welcome to Hardman Trailers

We pride ourselves as quality trailer manufacturers. Using only the best materials for our products we build trailers to our customer's specifications. Trailer frames are hot dipped galvanized and carry a one year guarantee on workmanship. If not required, i.e. use out of coastal zone, trailers can be suppled Hammerite painted.

Box Trailer

We rebuild and/or repair all makes of trailers. This includes rewiring, strengthening and structural modifications

Custom Trailer

Our signage depatment can provide customized sigh writing on enclosed trailers. Make your next trailer a Hardman Trailer. Built by a Hardman - they're made tough!

Break-Neck Quad

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Unit 4 , Shepstone Park , 85 Shepstone Rd , New Germany Tel: (031) 201 17 32 Craig Hardman - (082) 778 6311
Durban 4001